Our website has been designed to help acquaint you with your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This ministry began as a group of young people wanting to declare the love of Christ with their community. It is now under the guidance of one of those individuals, eagar to advance the work of the Lord. The name comes from a chain of miracles that has taken place while establishing this ministry.

Here at It Took A Miracle you will find an abundance of literature to expand your understanding of the Bible, Christian living and uncovering the deep secrets of Bible Prophecy. Miracles are still happening today. The human race has fallen so far away from God that everyday miracles, that occur in our lives, are being mistaken for luck and coincidence. Did you know that there is one major miracle that has not taken place yet? This phenomenal event would be the one, and only, second coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
(Read chapters 37 & 38 of The Great controversy, found on our Library link under Spirit of Prophecy)

It Took A Miracle’s mission is to proclaim the Three Angels Message throughout the world (Rev 14:6-10). We hope to accomplish this by our large selection of literature and charts provided on our library page. It is our desire to aid you in building a firm foundation on Bible truths that will lead you straight to the pearly gates of heaven. We will be continuing to add more video’s and audio MP3’s to this site frequently, so continue checking in with us for It Took A Miracle updates!

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